Friday, April 27, 2012

How To Do Converse Nail Art

Here is my little "How To Do Converse Nail Art Tutorial", good luck!

What you need:

Different colored nail varnishes (preferably bright colours). Black and white nail art pens ( if you don't have any, a toothpick dipped in the stuff is just as good). Clear top and base coat.

Step 1: Apply clear base coat.

Step 2: Apply the white nail varnish on the whole tip of your nail, if it is too short don't hesitate to overlap a bit.

Step 3: Apply your colored nail varnish from the bottom of the nail, up to the white, overlapping a bit and making a slightly curved line.

Step 4: Use the black nail art pen or the toothpick dipped in black nail varnish to make three little dots on either side of the nail to make the lace holes.

Step 5: Use the white nail pen or the toothpick dipped in white to draw zig-zaggy lines between the lace holes to make laces.

Step 6: Take the black pen again to make a curved line on the white tip.

Step 7: Apply base coat.

There we go! Perfect converse nails! Thanks for reading. Bye bye :) xx

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  1. One word...CUTE! It seems really easy, let's hope I can do it.

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