Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To Make Scrabble Nail Art

How To Do Scrabble Nail Art

What you need:

-Cream colored nail varnish ( it works with any other colour but looks better in cream).
-Black nail varnish (preferably nail art pens, but if not you can use a toothpick).
-Clear base and top coats.

Step 1: Apply base coat.

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of cream nail varnish.

Step 3: Draw a letter in the middle of your nail, it can be any letter, but if you want to make a word, make sure it's 5 letters long, if there is less, for example 4 letters, you can fill in the thumb with a little picture :)

Step 4: Draw a little number in the right corner of your nail, it always looks better if you get the numbers right.

Step 5: Apply top coat.

All done!

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